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Check the Classification
Check the Classification
This has advertising approval, but is not yet classified
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Suitable for everyone.
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Parental Guidance.
Parental Guidance
Not recommended for children under 15; may contain material which some children find confusing or upsetting.
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Not recommended for children under 15; may include moderate levels of violence, language or themes.
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Mature Audiences.
Mature Audiences
Restricted - unsuitable for persons under 15; may contain strong content.
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Restricted (R).
Restricted (R)
Restricted to adults.
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Restricted (X).
Restricted (X)
Restricted to adults – contains sexually explicit content.
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Information for the general public.
Information for the media industry.
ComplianceHow it all works
How it all works
How it all works.


​How much does it cost?

The fees applicable to content are the same as those for classifications made under the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995.

They are:

Film and Other Content Fees

The fee is based on the total running time of submitted content. An additional Priority Processing Fee of $420 is optional.



0-60 mins


61-120 mins


121-180 minutes


181-240 minutes


241-300 minutes


301-400 minutes


401-500 minutes


501-600 minutes


601-700 minutes


701-800 minutes


801-900 minutes


901-1000 minutes


1001-1100 minutes


1101-1200 minutes


1201-1300 minutes


1301-1400 minutes


1401-1500 minutes


1501-1600 minutes


1601-1700 minutes


1701-1800 minutes


1801-1900 minutes


1901-2000 minutes


Computer Game Fees

The fee is $1210. An additional Priority Processing fee of $420 is optional.

Eligible Electronic Publication Fees

The fee is based on the number of pages (including covers) in the material. Priority Processing is not available for this category.



0-76 pages


77-152 pages


153-252 pages


253-500 pages


501-800 pages


More than 800 pages


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