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Check the Classification
Check the Classification
This has advertising approval, but is not yet classified
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Suitable for everyone.
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Parental Guidance.
Parental Guidance
Not recommended for children under 15; may contain material which some children find confusing or upsetting.
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Not recommended for children under 15; may include moderate levels of violence, language or themes.
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Mature Audiences.
Mature Audiences
Restricted - unsuitable for persons under 15; may contain strong content.
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Restricted (R).
Restricted (R)
Restricted to adults.
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Restricted (X).
Restricted (X)
Restricted to adults – contains sexually explicit content.
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Information for the general public.
Classification compliance information.
How it all works
How it all works
How it all works.


Before you apply

General rules

If a film has been classified in Australia it can be shown at a film festival without any further involvement by the Classification Board.

If a film has not been classified and is only going to be shown a limited number of times in each state or territory as part of a film festival, special film event or community screening, then you can apply to the Director of the Classification Board for a direction to exempt your screenings from classification requirements. The Director will consider your application with regard to the 2007 Film Festival Guidelines. There is no fee for this service

The direction will specify the films that can be screened, the number of times they can be screened and the dates between which they can be screened. The direction can also specify age restrictions for the screenings. Films which would be classified X18+ or Refused Classification cannot be granted an exemption.

Database checks

You need to search the Classification database to check whether any of the films you will be screening have a classification history before applying for an exemption.

Age Conditions

Exemptions to screen unclassified films are generally issued with a condition restricting the audience to people aged 18 and over.

A different age condition may be granted at the Director’s discretion if is satisfied there is good reason for doing so. Any request for the Director to vary age conditions should clearly set out the reasons why the restriction should be lowered or waived, and be supported by a synopsis that clearly shows the film's suitability for the intended audience.

The 18+ age restriction is the default therefore is your responsibility to supply adequate information or the Director will not consider varying this restriction.

Number of Screenings

Please be aware that in accordance with the 2007 Film Festival Guidelines exemptions are generally granted under the condition that each film is to be screened a maximum of four times during the course of a film festival/event.


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