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Check the Classification
Check the Classification
This has advertising approval, but is not yet classified
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Suitable for everyone.
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Parental Guidance.
Parental Guidance
Not recommended for children under 15; may contain material which some children find confusing or upsetting.
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Not recommended for children under 15; may include moderate levels of violence, language or themes.
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Mature Audiences.
Mature Audiences
Restricted - unsuitable for persons under 15; may contain strong content.
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Restricted (R).
Restricted (R)
Restricted to adults.
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Restricted (X).
Restricted (X)
Restricted to adults – contains sexually explicit content.
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Information for the general public.
Classification compliance information.
How it all works
How it all works
How it all works.


Programs broadcast on television - do I submit to the Classification Board?


Television stations make their own classification decisions on programs not classified by the Classification Board.  

This guide helps you to find out who is responsible for classifying television programs on free-to-air and Pay TV stations, the codes of practice that apply to television broadcasters, and who you can make a complaint to about something you saw on TV.

If you want to have episodes of TV programs classified to sell on DVD, Bluray or other formats, please view the guide relating to Film for sale or hire for information about how to apply.


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