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Check the Classification
Check the Classification
This has advertising approval, but is not yet classified
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Suitable for everyone.
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Parental Guidance.
Parental Guidance
Not recommended for children under 15; may contain material which some children find confusing or upsetting.
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Not recommended for children under 15; may include moderate levels of violence, language or themes.
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Mature Audiences.
Mature Audiences
Restricted - unsuitable for persons under 15; may contain strong content.
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Restricted (R).
Restricted (R)
Restricted to adults.
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Restricted (X).
Restricted (X)
Restricted to adults – contains sexually explicit content.
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Information for the general public.
Information for the media industry.
Classification compliance information.
How it all works
How it all works
How it all works.

About the classification database

About the classification database

The Classification Branch maintains a public access database (the classification database) of decisions made by the Classification Board and Classification Review Board.

Information on the classification database

A search will return the classifications and the consumer advice allocated by the Classification Board and the Classification Review Board to a film, computer game or publication, in order of the closest match to your search query. For example, a search for "Birthday Girl" will return results at the top of the list match exactly, then it will show results where more words are included in the title, then where only one or part of the original search term matches the result.

Does the database provide reasons for decisions?

The database provides the decision and the consumer advice.

Where available, some enhanced content is available on newer decisions, including a matrix showing the level of each classifiable element in the film or game, to show users what to expect when the element is not mentioned in the consumer advice. RC reasons are also displayed, allowing users to know which part of the code was breached by the film, game or publication.

Classification Review Board reasons for decision are found on the "Downloads" section of the Media Releases and Classification Review Board Decisions pages.

How far back does the database go?

The Classification Board and Classification Review Board gradually began to keep classification decisions electronically from 1995 onwards. Most decisions from 1970 onward are available online.

Titles showing multiple classification decisions

Some titles may have multiple classifications because they have been released in different versions or on different formats.

For example, a search for the film "Constantine" (typing the word in the "the exact phrase" box) will return seven results. The results are arranged based on how closely they match the search terms you entered. One result is an approval for advertising the film. Another result is a classification for the computer game. There are also three film classifications - one for the original cinema (and DVD) classification, a review of the classification, and a DVD (Sale or Hire) release of the film. There are also several results that match the search terms entered, but are unrelated to the film "Constantine". 

Users of the classification database should note that due to inclusion of additional content (such as extra scenes, commentaries and outtakes) on DVD and video releases, it may be the case that the cinema release and the DVD release have a different classification.

Preventing under 18s accessing material with offensive titles

Material that has been classified in an adult category (R 18+ and X 18+ for films and Category 1 restricted or Category 2 restricted for publications), or which has been classified Refused Classification, will not be returned in your search unless you click on the "include adult and restricted material" box, or click on the filter to include these results once you have done your search.

This step has been added to help protect minors from some of the graphic language used in some of the titles of restricted and refused classification material. The box is unticked by default. The search may return titles which are offensive and unsuitable for children. Parental supervision of this facility is recommended.

If you don't click the box, you will only return results for films and games that have been classified G, PG, M or MA 15+, and publications that are classified "Unrestricted".

Classification database disclaimer

While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this database is accurate and up-to-date, no warranty is given by the Classification Board or Classification Review Board that the information is free from error or omission.

The Classification Board and Classification Review Board disclaim liability for any act done or omission made in reliance on the information in the database and any consequences that flow from such act or omission.