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Refer an item of internet content for classification

This guide can be used by enforcement agencies to apply for classification of internet content for enforcement purposes.

Our services

We provide a Notice of Classification under Schedule 7 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (BSA) for content referred by the e-Safety Commissioner or another person or organization.

This can be used to help determine whether internet content is prohibited content under Schedule 7 of the BSA.

Types of content

There are different requirements and fees for the classification of internet content depending on whether it is considered to be a film, an electronic publication, or a computer game.


A film is any audiovisual recording, except where it is an eligible electronic publication. It is classified as a film.

Eligible electronic publications

An eligible electronic publication is an electronic edition or an audio recording of a book, a magazine or a newspaper. It is classified as a publication.

Computer games

A computer game is a computer program and associated data that allows the playing of an interactive game on an electronic display. It is classified as a computer game.

Other content

Other content that does not meet the above definitions is treated as a film for the purposes of classification under the BSA.

Before you apply

Check the Application process for a guide to applying for classification of films, computer games and publications and the processing times.


The fees applicable to content are the same as those for classifications made under the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995.

Check the application guides for films, computer games and publications in Apply for classification for information on fees.

What to provide

  • A completed and signed Internet Content Application Form for each piece of content
  • The content to be classified. Websites are not used to view internet content during the classification process.
  • The correct fee

For applications for classification of films or other content that is not a computer game or eligible electronic publication, you must also provide:

  • A completed Classifiable Time Worksheet