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New website makes it easier to navigate classification

Classification Board

A new website for Australian classification has been launched today, helping the community to make informed choices about films and computer games they choose to view or play.

The new website provides a central hub to access classification ratings and consumer advice, empowering Australians to confidently make informed decisions about appropriate content.

Clear information on all the latest films and computer games is now easier to find in one place, with the new website providing a single source for official classification ratings.

Key features of the new website include:

  • Simple, intuitive navigation and search functionality for easy access to information on films and games and certain publications;
  • Quick access to classification decisions
  • Short explainer videos to help consumers make the most of classification ratings and consumer advice
  • A news and media centre providing  media statements about specific films and games and updates about classification
  • A new service called ‘More Information ', providing summary particulars about the content in new release cinema films that expands on the consumer advice given to a film
  • A mobile responsive design so content can be easily accessed from anywhere

Visit the new website at:

Margaret Anderson
Classification Board

Media contact:

Department of Communications and the Arts or 02 6271 1777