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The Classification Board and Branch will be closed Thursday 25 April for the ANZAC Day public holiday and will reopen on Friday 26 April.

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What we classify

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What we classify

We make classification decisions for films, computer games and certain publications.

If a film, computer game or publication is classified, we publish the decision on the National Classification Database (NCD). You can search the NCD using the search bar at the top of this page.

We apply the Act, National Classification Code, and relevant classification guidelines when classifying content. You can learn more about these on our legislation page.


We classify films and episodes made available through:

  • streaming services
  • digital downloads
  • cinemas
  • DVD and Blu ray.

Some films are exempt from classification, and do not need to be classified.

Computer games

We classify computer games made available through:

  • online storefronts
  • personal computers
  • mobile devices
  • gaming consoles.

Some computer games are exempt from classification, and do not need to be classified.


We classify publications including:

  • magazines
  • graphic novels
  • books.

Any publication can be classified but only certain publications, called ‘submittable publications’ must be classified. Submittable publications are those that contain depictions or descriptions that are:

  • likely to cause the publication to be Refused Classification
  • likely to cause offence to a reasonable adult
  • unsuitable for a minor to see or read.


We also classify films, computer games and publications submitted by:

What we don’t classify

Radio and TV content

We don’t classify radio and content broadcast on TV.

You can learn more about regulation of radio and TV content at the Australian Communications and Media Authority website.

Websites, social media and apps

We don’t classify websites, social media or apps.

Contact the eSafety Commissioner to report illegal and harmful online content, image-based abuse or cyberbullying.


We don’t classify recorded music, live music or music streaming services. Contact the Australian Record Industry Association about music and music labels.