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Content assessor training

Under the Classification Act 1995, the following authorised assessor schemes are available to industry to make classification recommendations to the Classification Board:

  • The Additional Content Assessor (ACA) scheme for the classification of additional content (‘bonus material’) bundled with a classified film
  • The Authorised Television Series Assessor (ATSA) scheme for the classification of television series on DVD, Blu-ray and online (where at least one episode has been broadcast in Australia)
  • The Authorised Computer Game Assessor (AACG) scheme for the classification of computer games likely to be classified G, PG or M
  • The Authorised Advertising Assessor (AAA) scheme to allow industry to assess the likely classification of an unclassified film and computer game for advertising purposes.

To be authorised by the Director of the Classification Board to be an assessor, a person must complete the required training for the relevant authorised assessor scheme.


The training to be an authorised assessor under the Classification Act is:

  • Complete the core film or core computer games module
  • Complete the film or computer games consumer advice module
  • Download the relevant fact sheet for the different authorised assessor schemes (ACA, ATSA, AACG or AAA).

Maintaining your authorisation

Upon successful completion of the required training, you will be authorised as an assessor for 3 years. To maintain your assessor authorisation, you will need to complete the relevant course before it expires.


All classification training courses are online and you can enrol at any time, free of charge.

Please contact us to enrol.