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The Classification Board and Branch will be closed Thursday 25 April for the ANZAC Day public holiday and will reopen on Friday 26 April.

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Application process

The application process for classification is very similar for films, computer games and publications.

To find fees, file and other material requirements, delivery specifications, and other details, view the relevant sections:

Before you apply

Set up an account

You submit classification applications through the Classification Portal. If you don’t have an account, please create an account directly in the Classification Portal.

Update your account

Have your details changed since you last lodged an application? If so, please update your account via the Classification Portal.

Check the classification

First, check the Classification Database to see if the film, computer game or publication has been classified before.

Films and computer games only require classification once, as long as there are no major content changes. For more information, see Modifications.

About the portal

The Classification Portal allows you to upload your content and submit your application online. Through the portal you can track your application’s progress, view account balances and make credit card payments.

Festivals and events can also be registered through the Classification Portal.

Uploading digital content

We recommend you upload your film and computer game content on the portal using Box. There is further information on Box available under ‘Downloads’ section at the bottom of this page.

Box provides a secure and easy option for submitting content. Please limit your file size to 5GB.

You can still provide physical copies of media if necessary.

Format specifications


Include full and final film credits.

Watermarks and timecodes

Watermarks and timecodes are not required. If included, they must:

  • be small
  • in one corner of the screen
  • not obscure the content of the film

Watermarks and timecodes may be displayed at the:

Top left hand corner of the screen

Top right hand corner of the screen

Region codes

Region codes for DVD and Blu-Ray disc must be for Australia:

  • DVD - Region 4
  • Blu-ray - Region B

Windows PC

USB keys used to deliver films must be formatted for Windows PC.


We process applications after the fees are paid.

Fees are different for every application.

In limited circumstances, you can make a request for a fee waiver

Priority processing

For some applications you can pay an additional fee of $420 to speed up the process. This takes a maximum of:

  • two working days for administration
  • five working days for processing

How to pay

You can pay online in the Classification Portal or by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Classification decision


You will be notified of the classification decision. A classification certificate will be issued and available for download from the Portal.

Classification decisions are published on the National Classification Database the day after a decision is made.

If you have let us know the national release date for your film, it will also be listed in Upcoming releases.

Timing for decisions:

  • up to 25 working days for a standard application
  • up to 7 working days for a priority application

Appeal the decision

If you disagree with the classification decision, you can apply for a review by the Classification Review Board.

Withhold a decision

If you require your classification decision to be withheld from being published on the National Classification Database, you can enter an embargo date in your application. You will need to provide a reason for withholding the decision and the date you would like the decision to be published.