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Apply for a title change

Films, computer games and publications must be sold, hired, advertised and exhibited under the title with which they were originally classified.

If the title of your film, computer game or publication changes after it has been classified - and the content has not changed - you must apply to have the title updated on the classification certificate.

A new certificate will be issued and the new title will be registered on the National Classification Database.

Pay the fee

Applications will be processed when we receive payment.

Fee $190
Priority processing  $420

Priority processing reduces the administration time to two days and the processing time to five days.

How to pay

Payments are made online in the Classification Portal or by direct debit. Application forms include direct debit payment details.

Submit your application

Application forms and fees can be submitted via the Classification Portal. You must submit a completed Application for Title Change form and fee. Any omissions will delay the application.

Classification decision

New classification certificate

We will notify you by email with a copy of the new classification certificate.

The new title will be published on the National Classification Database the day after application processing is complete.