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Classify a film for cinema release

This guide is for anyone who is applying for classification of a film that will be shown in cinemas.

Book a screening date

Films that will be shown in cinemas require a screening date to be booked by email

Book the screening date as soon as possible. Screening times can be booked out for several weeks in high-demand periods.

Pay the fee

Applications are processed when the payment is received.

The fee is based on the length of the film, rounded up to the nearest minute.

Running time


0–60 minutes


61–120 minutes


121–180 minutes


181–240 minutes


More than 240 minutes


Generally, edited versions require payment for the entire length of the film, even when the film has been previously classified.

Submit your application

Application can be submitted via the Classification Portal.

Please submit the required documentation, files and fees. Any omissions will delay the application.

Include with every application

  • a complete and final copy of the film in DCP, DVD or Blu-ray format
  • DCP keys if relevant
    • contact us to find out how to generate DCP keys.
  • a detailed synopsis
  • a completed application form

Submission deadline

Applications must be submitted at least two business days before the screening date.

Things to consider

Security of material

We keep a register of films submitted. DCPs, DVDs and Blu-rays are stored in a secure area with restricted access.

Attendance at screenings

Screenings are restricted to:

  • Classification Board members
  • a projectionist
  • up to four of your representatives

The Director of the Classification Board needs to approve attendance at screenings. If you would like to attend the screening, you must tell us when you book. Screenings will commence on schedule, even if you or your nominated representative is late or cannot attend.

KDM information

KDMs (Key Delivery Messages) should provide access to the film for a full working day, from 8:30 am to 5:00pm.

If you cannot provide a KDM that is open for a full working day, contact us to discuss your options. You might need to organise additional access to your film outside the original window.

The screening date will be delayed if DCP media or keys do not work correctly.