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Classification Review Board

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The Classification Review Board is made up of a Convenor, a Deputy Convenor and other Review Board members. The Convenor is responsible for managing the Review Board and its decision making processes.

The Classification Review Board meets when an application for review of a decision by the Classification Board has been lodged. It operates on a majority-based, decision-making process. After each review, the Review Board makes a fresh decision, which is reported on in Review decisions


Susan Knowles

Classification Review Board member - Susan Knowles

Appointed: 3 January 2019
Appointment expires: 2 January 2021

Susan (Sue) Knowles, lives in Perth, Western Australia. Sue retired as a Senator for Western Australia in the Australian Parliament after 21 years of public service. During her career there, Sue held a variety of positions including Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Deputy Opposition Whip in the Senate. She also served on many Senate committees and inquiries including as chairman of the Senate Community Affairs Legislation dealing with health care, aged care, aboriginal health, welfare and other related matters.

Sue is currently a chairman of the Council of Owners for Seashells Resorts in Broome and Mandurah. She is actively involved in the local community as a volunteer with the St John of God Hospital and is a member and patron of several local sporting clubs.

Peter Price AM

Peter Price AM

Deputy Convenor
Appointed: 7 December 2014
Appointment expires: 2 January 2021

Mr Peter Price AM, 54, resides in Sydney, NSW, He is an advertising and communications professional with over 25 years’ experience in multi-national agencies in Johannesburg, London and Sydney. He is currently the Managing Director of First Light, an advertising agency he founded in 1994 as well as part-time CEO of Crime Stoppers in NSW and Director of Corporate Communications for Crime Stoppers Australia.

Mr Price’s experiences as a victim of multiple crimes in South Africa helped steer him in the direction of violence prevention and law enforcement advocacy. Mr Price has been closely involved with the development of Crime Stoppers. Mr Price has been a Director of Crime Stoppers since 1999 and has served as Chairman for five years and as Deputy Chairman for six years. He has also served as Vice President of Crime Stoppers International from 2012 to 2017.

In 2009, Mr Price was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for his service to community safety through executive roles with Crime Stoppers. In 2017, he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for his service to community safety as an advocate for law enforcement and crime prevention programs.

Mr Price was also a Board Director of the Internet Industry Association from 2011 to 2014. He holds a diploma in marketing management and is a graduate and fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Rechelle Leahy

Classification Review Board Member - Rechelle Leahy

Appointed: 6 December 2018
Appointment expires: 5 December 2020

Rechelle Leahy, lives in Armidale, NSW and is a CEO with extensive consulting experience. She has a record of achievement in delivering strategic outcomes across all levels of Australian Government as well as the private sector. Her broad experience is in people management, administration, finance and logistics and she is currently CEO of a private Policy Advisory Consultancy.

Her qualifications include an Advanced Diploma in Migration Law and Practice; a Certificate in Mediation Practice and a Graduate Certificate Internal Audit. She is also a graduate of Women on Boards and the Commonwealth Bank Regional Scholarship Program.

She has also served on several Boards in a non-executive capacity as a member of the:

  • National Rural Women's Coalition
  • UN Women National Committee (Australia)
  • Promotion Review Committee — National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Australian Public Service Commission — ACT member

She is a parent of two children.

Susan Bush

Classification Review Board member - Susan Bush

Appointed: 6 December 2018
Appointment expires: 5 December 2020

Susan Bush, lives in Albany Creek, Queensland. She has a wealth of experience in the Television/ Broadcast industry as a Broadcast Operator and a Presentation Coordinator in Australia and the UK.

Currently, she works as a Writer, Actor and a Freelance Transcriber. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies from Griffith University and a Master of Arts from the University of Queensland. She was awarded best actress, Australian Screen Industry Network in 2014.

Since 2011 she has viewed almost every film released in Australian Cinemas. On her website, she offers perspectives of how each film is classified. She has also spent her time volunteering in the local filmmaking community, including judging the SAE ATOM awards since 2015. She is a parent of three children.

Margaret Clancy

Classification Review Board member - Margaret Clancy

Appointed: 6 December 2018
Appointment expires: 5 December 2020

Margaret Clancy, lives in Castlemaine, Victoria. She has extensive experience in film classification, serving as a Classification Board member for a total of seven years at the Office of Film and Literature Classification. Before that she has been a television classifier at the Seven Network and Classification Manager at National Indigenous Television (NITV). Her work at NITV included training of indigenous staff. Through her career, a diversity of roles has included Teaching (ESL, Voice and Drama), Journalism, Script Writing and Acting. She holds an Associate Diploma in Speech and Drama from the London College of Music and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

She is currently a Committee member of the Mount Alexander Animal Welfare (MAAW) organisation providing fundraising activities and initiating animal welfare programs in schools.

Adam Davy

Classification Review Board member - Adam Davy

Appointed: 6 December 2018
Appointment expires: 5 December 2020

Adam Davy, of Kelvin Grove, Queensland is the Head of the English Department at Kelvin Grove State College, a large, prominent, metropolitan state school. He also works in an expert advisory role with the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). In these roles, he develops and facilitates creative writing, poetry and education programs for the Arts and Education communities.

He has been awarded a double degree (Arts and Education) from Griffith University and a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) from the University of New England. He is the father of two children and a regular gamer.

Christopher Allen

Classification Review Board member - Christopher Allen

Appointed: 6 December 2018
Appointment expires: 5 December 2020

Christopher Allen, lives in Gerringong, NSW. He is currently Director, Sector Performance and Intervention at the NSW Department of Local Government. His recent public sector executive roles include:

  • Chief Operating Officer, Venues NSW in the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Acting Assistant Secretary and Director of Operations at the Classification Branch of the Attorney General’s Department in 2014–15