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Classification Review Board

The Classification Review Board is made up of a Convenor, a Deputy Convenor and other Review Board members. The Convenor is responsible for managing the Review Board and its decision making processes.

The Classification Review Board meets when an application for review of a decision by the Classification Board has been lodged. It operates on a majority-based, decision-making process. After each review, the Review Board makes a fresh decision, which is reported on in Review decisions.


Susan Bush

Classification Review Board member - Susan Bush


Appointed: 15 September 2022

Appointment expires: 14 September 2024

Ms Susan Bush, 48, resides in Queensland and is a Freedom of Information Officer, actor, and writer. She has an extensive background in the television broadcast and film industries in both Australia and the UK. She holds a Master of Arts from The University of Queensland, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies from Griffith University. She has appeared in numerous television and stage productions, and was awarded Certificate of Highest Achievement (Best Actress) at the 2014 Australian Screen Industry Network Awards. She is also a licensed private investigator.

Ms Bush is a parent of three children, and an advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights and climate change action.

Adam Davy

Classification Board Member Adam Davy

Deputy Convenor

Appointed: 15 September 2022

Appointment expires: 14 September 2024

Mr Adam Davy, 42, is a Head of Department at a metropolitan secondary school in Queensland. An experienced educator, he has performed in various expert advisory roles with the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). In his work, he also services the Arts and Education communities through the development, facilitation, and support of multidisciplinary programs. In 2021, his varied contributions in these fields were recognised by the English Teachers Association of Queensland, who presented Mr Davy with their annual Peter Botsman Award.

Mr Davy has been awarded a double degree (Arts and Education) from Griffith University and a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) from the University of New England. He is the father of two children, an independent author, and a regular gamer.

Rechelle Leahy

Classification Review Board Member - Rechelle Leahy

Appointed: 10 November 2022

Appointment expires: 14 September 2024

Rechelle Leahy lives in Armidale, NSW, and is CEO of a private Policy Advisory Consultancy and also works as an Employment Facilitator with the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations. She has a record of achievement in delivering strategic outcomes across all levels of Australian Government and in the private sector. Her broad experience is in people management, administration, finance and logistics.

Ms Leahy's qualifications include an Advanced Diploma in Migration Law and Practice from Deakin University, a Certificate in Mediation Practice and a Graduate Certificate Internal Audit. She is also a graduate of Women on Boards and the Commonwealth Bank Regional Scholarship Program.

Ms Leahy serves in a non-executive capacity as a member of the National Rural Women's Coalition, the Australian Gender Equality Council, Local Land Services (Northern Inland) and the ABC Advisory Council.

She is a parent of two children.

David Toll

David Toll

Appointed: 7 December 2021

Appointment expires: 6 December 2024

Mr David Toll lives in Bulli, NSW, and is the owner and director of a mediation, investigation and negotiation business. Prior to this he held senior leadership roles in higher education and emergency services.

His qualifications include a Bachelor of Laws from University of Wollongong and Masters in Business Administration from Edith Cowan University. He also holds a Diploma from the Australian Institute of Company Directors and further qualifications in mediation, negotiation and media studies.

Mr Toll has served on the Board of Triathlon Victoria and as Chair of the Academies of Sport Inc. He enjoys open water swimming and surf ski paddling for recreation and is currently adapting to life with two small grand children.

Stephanie McCaughey

Stephanie McCaughey

Appointed: 3 February 2023

Appointment expires: 14 September 2024

Ms Stephanie McCaughey from regional Victoria, is an accredited mediator with a background in criminology and victimology, including developing and leading organisations through the Royal Commissions into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse and Mental Health Care in Victoria. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Sociology from the United Kingdom, a Postgraduate Certificate in Specialist Criminology from the University of Melbourne and a Postgraduate Certificate in Victimology and Victim Services.

Ms McCaughey serves as a Board Director of a regional health service, and leadership roles in organisations supporting victim-survivors of child abuse.

Damien Power

Headshot of Damien Power.

Appointed: 3 February 2023

Appointment expires: 14 September 2024

Mr Power has experience in classification, having previously been a member of the Classification Board. He has written interactive online games for the Australian Communications and Media Authority and the Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner. He is also a film director and is actively involved in his local community through volunteering.