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Australia leading the way with Netflix on classification

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Australia is now being recognised as a world leader across the on-demand streaming television sector, with a Netflix Tool that assesses content and generates a rating and consumer advice for Australian viewers.

The Tool means Netflix movies and content can be classified much faster so that Australians can enjoy their favourite shows at the same time as the rest of the world, and still get the appropriate classification information.

Developed in partnership with Netflix, the Tool generates ratings and consumer advice that aligns to Australian community standards and decisions of the Classification Board.

Since its introduction in 2016 the Netflix Tool has consistently generated ratings and consumer advice that is broadly consistent with Australian community standards and the Classification Board.

Following the government's approval in 2018 for the ongoing use of the Tool, a monitoring program was undertaken to assess the ability of the Tool to make decisions that are broadly consistent with Australian community standards and classification decisions made by the Classification Board.

A report on this monitoring program released today demonstrates that the Tool continues to meet all key performance indicators, with the Tool producing the same rating or one higher in 94% of the titles assessed. 

We encourage people to review the detailed analysis of Netflix decisions in the Appendix of the Monitoring Program Report.