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The Classification Board and Branch will be closed Thursday 25 April for the ANZAC Day public holiday and will reopen on Friday 26 April.

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Apply for a review of a classification decision

If you do not agree with a classification decision of the Classification Board, you can apply for a review by the Classification Review Board.

Who can apply for a review?

You can apply for review if you are:

  • a 'person aggrieved' (or affected) by the decision
    • You must be able to show that you have an interest in the work that is more than an ordinary member of the public would have.
  • the original applicant
  • the publisher of the film, computer game or publication
  • the Commonwealth Minister with responsibility for classification
    • State and territory ministers who are responsible for classification may also request the Commonwealth Minister to apply for a review.

Apply within 30 days

Generally, you must apply for a review within 30 days of receiving notice of the classification decision.

Pay the fee

Applications will be processed when we receive payment.

Fee $10,000

How to pay

Payments are made online in the Classification Portal.

Submit your application

You must submit the correct documentation, content and fee via the Classification Portal. Any omissions will delay the application.

Processing time

It may take up to 20 days for the decision to be reviewed; this time may be extended to 40 days in some cases.

Processing time does not include the time it takes to arrange a meeting of the Classification Review Board. We will advise you of the meeting date and time once we arrange it.