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Classify a film for on-demand, DVD and Blu-ray including ACA and ATSA

This guide is for anyone applying for classification of a film to be released online as on-demand content or in formats such as DVD and Blu-ray.

This includes those making regular applications and using the Additional Content Assessment (ACA) and Authorised Television Series Assessment (ATSA) schemes.

Pay the fee

Your application will be  processed when your payment is received.

Priority processing is available for an additional fee of $420.

ACA fee $480
ATSA fee $640

The fee for a standard application is based on the length of the film, rounded up to the nearest minute - see table below.

Running time


0–60 minutes


61–120 minutes


121–180 minutes


181–240 minutes


241–300 minutes


301–400 minutes


401–500 minutes


501–600 minutes


601–700 minutes


701–800 minutes


801–900 minutes


901–1000 minutes


1001–1100 minutes


1101–1200 minutes


1201–300 minutes


1301–1400  minutes


1401–1500 minutes


1501–1600 minutes


1601–1700 minutes


1701–1800 minutes


1801–1900 minutes


1901–2000 minutes


Submit your application

Please submit the correct documents, content and fees. Any omissions will delay the application.

Include with every application

  • a complete and final copy of the film
  • an application form
  • the correct fee
  • supporting documents for your application type - see below

Application forms are available on the Classification Portal. You can upload and submit all other documents through the portal.

The copy of the film should include only the content you wish to be classified. Do not include advertisements or trailers for previously classified films.

Include with regular application

  • detailed synopsis of the film (for a TV series, a synopsis of the series and for each episode
  • contentious material statement
  • classifiable time worksheet

For information on contentious material statements see the User notes for completing Attachment One: Contentious material document (in Downloads below).

Include with ACA

  • ACA classifiable time worksheet
  • ACA recommendation report

For ACAs, you must provide a copy of the film including the additional content and the previously classified film.

Include with ATSA

  • ATSA recommendation report
  • ATSA Classifiable Time Worksheet

Format specifications

Digital delivery

We prefer to receive your content digitally, through Box.

Region codes

Region codes for DVD and Blu-Ray must be for Australia:

  • DVD - Region 4
  • Blu-ray - Region B

What are the ACA and ATSA schemes?

Under the ACA and ATSA schemes, an authorised assessor reviews the series and provides:

  • a detailed report on the content
  • a recommendation for the classification and consumer advice

The application fees are lower because the report and recommendation helps the Board make its decision.


The ACA scheme applies to previously classified films and unclassified-related content such as commentaries, deleted scenes and ‘making of’ featurettes.

The ACA scheme does not apply if:

  • the additional content includes TV programs/series or computer games
  • the product is likely to be classified X 18+ or RC (Refused Classification)

An authorised assessor reviews the additional content and provides:

  • a detailed report about the additional content
  • a recommendation for the classification and consumer advice


The Authorised Television Series Assessor (ATSA) scheme applies to television series content including:

  • episodes of a TV series
  • series-related material such as out-takes, deleted scenes or a director's commentary

At least one episode of the series must have been broadcast on Australian TV.

The ATSA scheme does not apply if:

  • the additional content includes other TV programs/series or computer games
  • the product is likely to be classified X 18+ or RC

If you want to become an authorised assessor, you can find further information on this site about content assessor training.

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