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Approved cultural institutions

An approved cultural institution (ACI) is not required to register an event or classify films, computer games and publications they screen, demonstrate or display to the public.

What is an ACI?

ACIs are organisations that can screen, display or demonstrate unclassified content to the Australian public as part of an exhibition or event.

There are 2 types of ACIs:

  • organisations formed wholly or mainly for the purpose for activities of an educational, cultural or artistic nature (e.g. an art gallery or museum)
  • Commonwealth, state or territory or local government bodies.

ACIs must:

  • be of sound reputation to carry out educational, cultural or artistic activities
  • satisfy the training requirements.

Which content can ACIs exhibit?

ACIs can exhibit:

  • films and computer games rated G to R 18+
  • unrestricted and Category 1 restricted publications.

ACIs must not exhibit:

  • films and computer games that would be likely to be classified X 18+ or RC, and
  • publications likely to be classified Category 2 restricted or RC.

Training requirements

To become an ACI, your organisation must have a representative who has completed the department’s online training to assess content for its likely classification.

The trained person can be:

  • working for or with or representing the organisation in a paid or voluntary role, or
  • involved in the film screenings, game demonstrations and/or publication displays.

The trained person must assess the likely classification of the films, computer games and publications to be exhibited, and whether the content should be restricted to specific age groups.

The training is free of charge. However, the government will consider a fee structure in future.

Contact us to enrol in training.


Exhibition requirements

In order to legally exhibit, display or demonstrate unclassified products, ACIs must follow the requirements as set out in:

  • section 6D of the Classification Act, and
  • the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Conditional Cultural Exemption Rules) Instrument 2015.

You can learn more on our legislation page.

All exhibitions must follow these rules:

  • the ACI must be the exhibition organiser
  • the trained person at the ACI must assess the likely classification before making the content available, and
  • a clear and legible notice must be prominently and publicly displayed at the relevant showing regarding any age restrictions that apply to the content.

The rules for exhibiting content depend on the likely classification.

Likely classification


Film or computer game - M or MA 15+

Must not be shown to anyone under 15 years unless they are accompanied by an adult

Film or computer game – R18+

Must be restricted to people aged 18 years and over

Film or computer game – X18+ or RC

Must not be shown or demonstrated

Publication – Category 1 restricted

Must be restricted to people aged 18 years and over

Publication – Category 2 restricted or RC

Must not be displayed

Variations and exemptions

Variation to or exemption from these rules is available on application only and subject to approval by the Director of the Classification Board under Section 6H of the Classification Act.

Contact us if you would like to apply for a variation or exemption.