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Exhibit unclassified material at an event

If you are holding a public event, you may wish to include unclassified films, computer games or submittable publications in your program.

To do so legally, your event must:

  • comply with conditions regarding how the unclassified material is exhibited and displayed
  • be registered to show, demonstrate and display the unclassified material

What is a registered event?

To qualify as a 'registered event,' an event must wholly or mainly involve or relate to the screening of films, demonstration of computer games and/or display of publications.

A single event may comprise one or multiple types of media being exhibited or displayed.

Before you register

Set up an event registration account

Event registrations must be submitted via the Classification Portal. If you don’t have an account set up to register your event, please register online via the Classification Portal.

The event registration account is a specific account used only to register events.

It is a different account to the Classification Portal account used to submit other types of applications.

Update your account

Have your business details changed since you last lodged an event registration? If so, please update them in the Classification Portal.

Check the classification

Check the Classification Database to check whether any of the films, computer games or publications in your program have been classified before registering your event.

Register an event

Who may register an event

Anyone working or volunteering for or with the organisation holding the event may register an event.

Registration requirements

The person registering the event must follow the instructions in the Registering an event guide (see in Downloads below).

The registration must include details about all unclassified:

  • films to be screened
  • computer games to be publicly demonstrated or made available for play
  • publications to be displayed

Change registration details

If there are any event changes made after registering the event on the portal, these details must be updated before your event takes place.

Events in multiple locations

When registering an event that occurs in multiple locations, please enter the date that the event commences in the first location as the start date and use the date that the event concludes in the final location as the completion date.

Comply with conditions for exhibiting unclassified material

Number of screenings

Each unclassified film may be screened no more than four times per state or territory during the course of an event.

Display the notice for age restrictions

  • Prominently display a clear and legible notice about the relevant age restrictions.
  • Display the notice at each screening location.
  • Other places you may like to provide the notice:
    • point of ticket purchase
    • on the event website
    • screening program
    • advertising

Unclassified material that must not be shown at registered events

Unclassified material with the following likely classifications must not be exhibited or displayed at any registered event.

Likely to be classified X 18+ or RC

  • Films and computer games likely to be classified X 18+ or RC must not be exhibited or demonstrated.

Likely to be classified Category 2 restricted or RC

  • Publications likely to be classified Category 2 restricted or RC must not be displayed.

Unclassified material for which age restrictions apply at registered events

When exhibiting or displaying unclassified material at your registered event, age restrictions will apply.

Likely to be classified M or MA 15+

  • Films and computer games likely to be classified M or MA 15+ must not be exhibited to anyone under 15 years unless they are accompanied by an adult.

Likely to be classified R 18+

  • Films and computer games likely to be classified R 18+ must be restricted to people aged 18 years and over.

Likely to be classified Category 1 restricted

  • Publications likely to be classified Category 1 restricted must only be displayed to people aged 18 years and over.

Variation and exemption

Variation to or exemption from these rules is available on application only and subject to approval by the Director of the Classification Board under Section 6H of the Commonwealth Act.

If you are considering applying for a variation or exemption, please contact us.